Select target segment

The advertiser target group based on specific criteria, including location, age, gender, occupation, etc. along with campaign dates and timing.

Post a campaign

The advertiser selects the type of campaign, whether lock screen or video advertisement, and uploads the content.

Advertisement is displayed on the customer’s mobile

Lock Screen

A targeted advertisement appears on the screen when the user wakes the phone. The user can then conduct any of the swiping options available on the screen.

Video Call

A video advertisement appears during an incoming call. The user has several options, including replaying the video. The user is rewarded if they let the video play for 6 seconds or more.


Lock Screen

Video Call

Controls (details)

Inquiry Swiping up will enable users to put their queries directly to the advertisers.

Swipe Left Swiping down enables users to visit advertiser’s web page, Facebook page, You tube (URL)

Swipe Down Swiping down will enable users to call directly to the advertiser.

Swipe Right Swipe right to unlock your screen and carry on with your regular activity

Video Replay You can tap in the video replay button if you want to watch the video again.

Earn reward

For each actions performed in lockscreen advertisement and for receiving a call after watching the video advertisement after 6 seconds, user is entitled with the reward.

How do I start?

First you need to signup as advertiser and load funds in account using the available options online or by visiting the nearest CashOnAd representatives. You can now create a campaign, select your target group and post the campaigns. Users will start viewing your advertisement and react on it.